Sysinternals Suite Installer updated

Sysinternals Suite Installer has been updated to reflect the latest version of Sysinternals Suite (the March 7, 2014 release).

The script and external installer can be downloaded from the project page. (The external installer on will be updated in a few days, but can be downloaded directly from the Domador Software website in the meantime.)

Recurring reminders are now available in Two-Click Reminder

Two-Click Reminder can now be used to create recurring reminders, which will show up repeatedly every month, week, day, etc. at specified times. The schedule under which a reminder can be set to display is very flexible.

TCR also sports new date and time controls that make it easier to select a date and time at which a one-time reminder will display. The date can now be selected from a calendar.

Finally, the “Dismiss Highlighted” button has been fixed (in the window used to display multiple reminders, when several reminders come due at once.)

All these improvements can be found in Two-Click Reminder 2014 Release 3.  It can be downloaded from TCR’s main page.

You can try out all of Two-Click Reminder’s features through a free, 30-day demo.  You can buy a registration key for $7.

A recurring reminder