Hourly Hacker News Snapshot now easier to browse

The Hourly Hacker News Snapshot is now much easier to browse!   I’ve added date and time controls which let you access the snapshot for the desired date and hour with great ease.

The snapshot collection can still be browsed manually, with hackable URLs, if you prefer.  For instance, the URL for the snapshot corresponding to July 5, 2011 at 9:00 a.m. is http://hhn.domador.net/2011/07/05/09 (times are in PST or PDT).

An older article explains the original rationale for this service.

Many improvements available in Two-Click Reminder 2014 Release 4

The latest version of Two-Click Reminder includes a bunch of small improvements that improve the program’s usability and appeal.

TCR now allows you to remove reminder-setting buttons, to move them up or down, or to sort them.  Also, when you switch a button to edit mode, it will stay in edit mode until you switch back.  This is useful when you want to quickly change a time interval for a new reminder, since you don’t need to switch to edit mode first.  Also, TCR now has up and down arrows right next to the number of minutes, hours, etc. so you can quickly increase or decrease that number without pressing any keys.

TCR now responds more quickly even when a lot of reminders are set, as some performance issue have been fixed.

All these improvements can be found in Two-Click Reminder 2014 Release 4.  It can also be downloaded from TCR’s main page.

You can try out all of Two-Click Reminder’s features through a free, 30-day demo.  You can buy a registration key for $7.

New Button Editing Controls